All About Trucks

Tilt tray trucks are used for a number of purposes, including accident and breakdown towing, and container, equipment and vehicle transport, making them very versatile vehicles for businesses to use for their logistics needs. These highly versatile trucks offer business owners a number of excellent benefits, which is what will be discussed here in this short article.

Tilt tray trucks – What are they?

Tilt tray trucks are heavy trucks that feature a tray that tilts. This enables the transportation of a wide number of items, including container, heavy equipment and vehicles. Some tilt tray trucks in Perth are fitted with a winch, which enables vehicles, even damaged vehicles, to be winched onto the tray at the rear of the vehicle, whereas others often feature crane mechanisms which enable the operator to load containers onto the tray.


The advantages of using a tilt tray truck

There are a number of advantages that business owners would do well to understand, including the following:

  • Cost-effective

Tilt tray trucks are remarkably cost-effective to use for a number of reasons, including the fact that the operator can load heavy loads onto the back of the truck without the need for additional equipment or workers. Being able to transport heavy loads great distances with just a single operator is a highly effective means of keeping logistics expenses to a minimum.

This helps business owners to keep logistics expenses to a minimum, which is naturally highly advantageous for any business interested in the health of its bottom line. Business owners who require the use of a tilt tray in Perth use Reef Group because their services further help to keep logistics costs competitively low and pass the savings on to their customers.

  • Safe transportation

Tilt trays represent one of the safest forms of transportation available to business owners, which is yet another reason why they are such a common sight on roads around the country these days.

These vehicles are strong, sturdy and able to lift heavy loads with great control and ease. Consequently, tilt tray trucks in WA are regularly used to transport loads that are considered to be fragile, hazardous or valuable.

  • Numerous service providers

Because tilt tray trucks are used extensively in so many industries, there are now numerous service providers for business owners to choose from. This has led to competition between service providers, which in turn helps to keep rates competitively low, and it also means that many service providers have found they need to provide better customer service to attract customers. This offers a number of further advantages for business owners who require logistics services on a regular basis.

The benefits discussed here are just a few of the many benefits afforded to business owners. As a result, Western Australian businesses should consider using a tilt tray truck in Perth when they need to transport containers, vehicles or heavy equipment locally or interstate as there are many benefits to take advantage of by using these safe, sturdy and remarkably strong vehicles.