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Understanding Car Lifts and Kits

Many people love “hot rods”; these are vehicles that have been customized with a wide variety of features, including paint, exhaust systems, lights and even lift kits.

The appeal of these customizations is that they can give any type of car or truck a great deal of character and style. Where lifts are concerned, there are many universal car lifts available; making it much easier to find and install such a feature on almost any vehicle.

The Effects of Using Lifts

Using universal car lifts will give any sort of motor vehicle an added dimension of height, and an entirely new character, but it can also require further alterations.

For example, by using universal automotive lifts, many car owners will also have to extend or lengthen brake lines, adjust springs and coils and even install extended drive shafts depending upon the type of car and size of the lift.

It also pays to note whether or not the use of universal car lifts will change the cost for insurance on a vehicle as well. Many new vehicle warranties are also altered should the owner choose to use one of the many universal automotive lifts.

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Choosing One of the Universal Car Lifts

When purchasing a lift as a kit, it is important to do some background research to ensure that the kit includes all of the necessary items required to complete the job.

It is also a good idea to ensure that the manufacturer is reliable and that the materials are of the right or highest quality.

This may mean going on the Internet and exploring everything from car enthusiast sites to actual universal automotive lifts manufacturers. These sites will generally allow someone to understand how their lift parts should be made and to what standards.

For instance, a lift will usually be made from steel, but there are variations in how that steel is shaped and formed.

Finding out which manufacturers of universal car lifts use oversized, thick steel construction and precision welding will usually ensure a quality product and experience. If you would like to know brief information about car lifts you could choose mobile column lifts.

Installing Universal Automotive Lifts

The installation of any car lift kit can often be quite complex. This is the reason that an installation guide should always be included in the purchase price of any of the universal car lifts kits.

What Should The Capacity Of a Car Lift Be?

As a general rule, the capacity of a lift is probably the most important consideration. Overloading any lift is dangerous as well as being bad for the lift.

You should try to choose a weight capacity that is 25% higher than the maximum weight you will be lifting most of the time. This will give you a safety factor and longevity well beyond what you need.

2 Post Car Lift Vs 4 Post Car Lift

Certain industries prefer different styles of lifts. A general maintenance shop will almost always choose a two post lift because under car maintenance as well as tire and wheel work can be performed with this type of lift.

Most specialty shops, such as muffler and transmission shops, will choose a four post lift because they never do tire or wheel work. In the case of a muffler shop, it is important for the suspension to be positioned as it would be with the tires on the road for proper routing of the exhaust system.

Symmetric Car Lift Vs. Asymmetric Car Lift

If you are primarily lifting trucks and heavier vehicles all of the time, it would be a good idea to use a symmetric lift. It is important to understand that a lift with a 10,000 lb rating has a 2,500 lb rating per lifting arm and it is always important to balance that load accordingly.

Trucks and contractor vehicles will oftentimes have weight in the rear of the vehicle and because an asymmetric design works with a long arm and a short arm it does not lend itself to picking up vehicles of this nature.

The asymmetric design is great for lifting cars and trucks that are not rear heavy and it gives the user the ability to easily open the doors without hitting a post. This is the feature most users look for.

Car Lift with Overhead (Clear Floor Lift) Vs. Car Lift with Floor Plate

The most preferable scenario is always to have a car or auto lift with a clear floor and eliminate the floor plate. It is much easier to work under a lift with a clear floor, allowing you to easily roll around transmission jacks and mobile oil drain tanks.

On the other hand, most clear floor lifts have an overall height of twelve feet and this may sometimes be a problem for taller vehicles to be lifted high enough to work under.

A small hydraulic tubing line can be run from one side to the other to equalize the lift with hydraulics. The lift will also fit in an eight-foot ceiling.

Do I Need a Four Post Open Front Auto Lift?

A four post open front lift is generally used in front end alignment application and oftentimes gives the user better access to the part of the vehicle where the work is being performed. It is not always necessary but it is sometimes preferred.

Do I Need A Storage/Parking Lift Vs. Automotive Service Lift?

Usually, the need is either one or the other, but if you are an automotive enthusiast and not a repair facility, you are probably going to want both.

The sliding jack tray and sliding jack give you the ability to lift the vehicle off the runways to do tire & wheel work. Solid deck options give you the ability to store items other than vehicles. Motorcycles, ATV’s, lawn equipment and more can be stored.

Four Post Parking Lift Vs. One Post Parking Lift Vs. X-Style Auto Lift.

The four post parking/storage lift is the most popular design mostly due to its versatile abilities. The single post lift is very popular when you are looking for a design that takes up the least amount of space.

The single post design can usually fit neatly against a wall with no other posts or obstructions visible. The X Style lift is generally used when space is at a premium and lends itself more towards the parking industry or for car dealerships with limited space in their car lots.

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