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Taking it through its paces – Track Day!

Auto enthusiasts spend weeks, months and even years getting their cars ready for track day. It’s a time unlike any other for some. Competition, speed and fun all come together on this special occasion. It’s also a chance to spend time with old friends and earn bragging rights by beating them on the track.

Of course, the vehicle has to make it there in order to race. Depending on the type of car and what modifications have been made, it may no longer be legal to drive on the streets. Even if it is, some car owners may not wish to drive these around on the roads, especially if the track is hundreds of kilometres away. Putting that kind of stress on a car before heading out to the track can see its performance significantly decrease.


While there are a number of Perth-based tow truck companies, not all of these are equipped to handle the demands of towing high-performance vehicles. Tilt tray towing in Perth from Executive Towing Services is the best way to get any vehicle safely to the track in time for race day. Here’s how it’s possible. Continue reading Taking it through its paces – Track Day!