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4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

Having the right tools for the job can make life for any DIY mechanic a whole lot easier, but you don’t need a truckload of tools to maintain your own car. While some jobs require special tools, there are some tools that every car owner should have to perform basic maintenance chores. Here is our pick of the top 6 tools no car owner or DIY mechanic should be without.

Torque wrench

Torque wrenches are essential to ensure that the bolts and nuts on any car are tightened to the correct torque values to prevent warping as a result of over tightening, leaks as a result of under tightening, or worse, stripped screw threads that could be very difficult, or even impossible to repair.

The most important application of a torque wrench is during engine assembly/repairs, where incorrect torque settings could damage the engine due to deformation of parts as a result of over tightening, or fasteners coming loose because of under tightening. Equally important is the fact that wheel lug nuts have prescribed torque settings, and that over tightening can damage the threads on wheel studs/nuts, or even cause alloy rims to break if the lug nuts are over tightened. Not to mention the fact that wheels can fall off if their lug nuts are under tightened.

car ownerFault code reader

Today it is almost impossible to diagnose any fault on a car without the benefit of a code reader to extract fault codes from the fault memory. There are several thousand things that can go wrong with any car, and while most fault codes are generic in the sense that they can occur on almost any car, there are several hundred more fault codes that are specific to each make and model. Continue reading 4 Tools Every Car Owner Should Have