Taking it through its paces – Track Day!

Auto enthusiasts spend weeks, months and even years getting their cars ready for track day. It’s a time unlike any other for some. Competition, speed and fun all come together on this special occasion. It’s also a chance to spend time with old friends and earn bragging rights by beating them on the track.

Of course, the vehicle has to make it there in order to race. Depending on the type of car and what modifications have been made, it may no longer be legal to drive on the streets. Even if it is, some car owners may not wish to drive these around on the roads, especially if the track is hundreds of kilometres away. Putting that kind of stress on a car before heading out to the track can see its performance significantly decrease.


While there are a number of Perth-based tow truck companies, not all of these are equipped to handle the demands of towing high-performance vehicles. Tilt tray towing in Perth from Executive Towing Services is the best way to get any vehicle safely to the track in time for race day. Here’s how it’s possible.

Trained professionals

Getting a high performance vehicle from point A to point B has a number of challenges that must be considered. However, most car owners do not realise this before hiring a company to bring their vehicle to the track. Not all tow truck companies employ trained experts who understand the type of care these cars need during the transport process. Negligence or lack of care might see the vehicle damaged while being hauled to the track.

Other car owners simply hire the tow truck themselves and then transport the vehicle on their own. This is also not recommended since a number of things can go wrong. It is a good idea to leave operating a tow truck to qualified individuals who understand how everything works.

Tilt tray trucks

Traditional tow trucks are not advised for towing high performance or modified vehicles since the chance of it being damaged during transport is increased. Tilt tray trucks in Perth provide safe, reliable transportation of all cars including ones designed for racing. Since the vehicle is elevated on this type of tow truck, the risk of something happening is greatly reduced.

Be sure to choose a towing company that is equipped with tilt tray trucks to guarantee the car gets to the track in the same shape it left the garage and vice versa.

Details handled

A professional tilt tray truck operator won’t simply deliver a car to the track. They will make sure it is there on time and on budget, two very important things to race enthusiasts. This means car owners will have plenty of time to make all the adjustments necessary before the race begins.

Hiring a tilt tray truck operator means there is one less thing to worry about before track day. With other considerations including accommodations, travel and personal obligations all needing attention, it can be difficult to find time to plan for everything. With one less thing to worry about, motorists will have more time to focus on what needs to be done to get them to victory lane on track day.